Special India-Edition Thanksgiving Menu

We don’t have an oven, and can’t find cranberries. Sean is researching turkey options; it looks like we may be able to get one, but if we do we’ll need to get a big pot and cook it on the stove (or trash-can style!) If we don’t get one, we may try a turkey art project instead.

Here are our current menu thoughts:


  • Cranberry Juice and Vodka
  • Mulled Heritage Wine
  • Cider?


  • Green Beans with Almonds
  • Mashed Sweet Potatoes
  • Cranberry Salsa (or variant, maybe with grapes or pomegranate seeds?)
  • Stuffing (cooked on the stove)
  • Pumpkin Waffles with vanilla ice cream (and dried cranberries if we can find them)

4 thoughts on “Special India-Edition Thanksgiving Menu”

  1. OMG. After 15 years a tidbit I picked up in a Seattle cooking class is finally going to make good. Look for this berry:


    When/if you find it my cooking teacher from way back when said you cook the berries with some sugar into a stewed fruit syrup, strain the syrup, and then use the syrup in a vodka cocktail, something she called a Bombay Cosmo.

    I suppose your experience is going to be like the one we all had when our college French in France class did Thanksgiving, and had to use lingonberries instead of cranberries, and had to special order the turkey (le dinde), and the concept of green beans in November was out of the question…

    But have fun!

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