Hanoi Sunshine

It may be difficult to believe but, just like in Seattle, the sun does shine in Hanoi occasionally. We had a half day free before we needed to catch our taxi to the airport for our flight to Nha Trang, so we decided to go frolic in the sunshine. No new sights for us today, we simply revisited a few places we had enjoyed last time were in Hanoi: Paris Deli, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, and the peaceful Temple of Literature, topped off by a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake.

We enjoyed a delicious pear tart and cappuccino (yay real coffee!) at Paris Deli before heading to the Temple of Literature via the Cathedral

I had a reunion with a 1000-year-old boyfriend at the Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature

The entry gate at the Temple of Literature

The Tortoise Temple on Hoan Kiem Lake

Wedding photo shoot on Hoan Kiem Lake

Following the examples of some locals out shooting photos on the lake, we took some glamour shots of our own

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