My husband calls dragon fruit the “king of fruits.” They say mangosteen is the queen. Therefore I say rambutan is their alien love child. These bright red fruits have weird alien-like tendrils on the outside, and beautiful lychee flesh inside. The flesh-to-pit ratio is higher than with longans. Rambutans are called “chom chom” in Vietnamese, and the Vietnam Airlines magazine says:

Popular all over the South, rambutans are associated with luck and the sun due to their bright red color. They are said to give people strength.

No wonder I love them so much. I am eating as many of them as I can here in Nha Trang, so I assume I’ll have huge muscles and win the lottery within a few days.

The bright red rambutans we’ve found here in Nha Trang are better than the ones we had in Thailand and Laos

Delicious lychee flesh

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