Go Jump in the River

After a delicious meal of snake in banana leaves, Lauren’s co-workers invited us to continue the celebration with a swim in the nearby river. Since it’s “almost” Songkran (i.e. about 6 weeks away), they’ve started setting up structures on the river for families to camp out on during the week-long throwing of water. Or so we’ve been told. We’ve yet to experience Songkran but have been told it will be wet. There’s nothing better than a river swim on these balmy 32°C days. The river is an easy bike ride from where we live, and we’ll be sure to take advantage of this as we enter the “hot” season (we’ve been told to expect average highs over 40°C come April).

Lauren in front of the Songkran huts
Lauren posing in front of the Songkran huts

Swimming in the river
Frolicking in the river

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