Mango and Sticky Rice

When it comes to southeast Asian desserts, I usually take a pass. Occasionally though, they steal my sweet tooth, usually with a dish involving fresh fruit. At the top of my list is mango and sticky rice. In our quiet mountain town, we have a single mango and sticky rice stand that is run by a lady who offers a quality product. For 35B you get a freshly sliced, fully ripe mango and some sticky rice, with coconut milk sprinkled on top. Usually we take the mangoes on the road, but last night we relaxed at one of the small tables inside to linger over the sweet conclusion to our day. Yum!

Mango and sticky rice
Mango and sticky rice

Making mango and sticky rice
The expert mango slicer at work

Mango and sticky rice stand
The only mango and sticky rice shop in town

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  1. [via Facebook]
    Katharine O’Connell Mora commented on your note “Mango and Sticky Rice”:

    “Kenny, I had to laugh. I work with a Dominican woman who uses the phrase “arroz con mango” (rice with mango) to refer to any kind of mix-up or mess-up. Thai arroz con mango is clearly anything but a mistake!”

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