Just as we are nearing the end of our stay in Thailand, many of our favorite tropical fruits are coming into season. Just after Songkran, rambutan started appearing in the market, and Thursday marked the beginning of mangosteen season. It is also prime time for mangoes, both green and yellow.

We intend to take full advantage of this bounty until the day we leave Thailand. Though there are a few fruits that we have had our fill of after a single bite, when one of our favorites hit the fruit stands, I celebrate with a kilogram purchase. Lauren has declared that we will have two mangoes a day, and I have been stopping at the market daily to procure said mangoes as well as whatever new treats are available.

This past weekend in Chiang Mai, the fruit gorging took on a whole new level of ridiculousness. Jessica had just discovered mangosteens, and was an a fruit rampage for her last 48 hours in Thailand. She probably consumed more mangoes and mangosteens in that timeframe then Lauren and I have in a week. This afternoon I saw lychees for the first time this year. Guess what we’re eating right now?

Chiang Mai breakfast: Jessica’s banana-chocolate birthday cake with goodies from the market (rose apples, rambutan, bananas, mangoes, and mangosteens)

Tropical fruit Today’s haul: 1 kg each of lychees and green oranges, 1/2 kg each of mangosteens, yellow mangoes, and rambutan. [Not pictured: 1 kg bananas and 2 green mangoes from yesterday’s leftovers]

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